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About Middle-Me

Not a truly impressive about page yet. Just trying to get up-and-running (imagine 1996 “Under Construction” graphic here).

I Blog Therefore I Am
I am a middleware product manager at Red Hat. In short, for the past decade or so I have been the Java EE and GlassFish product manager at Oracle. I joined Red Hat in September, 2015 as a product manager in the application platform group. I missed the open source and personal freedoms that Sun Microsystems offered. You can check out my detailed professional history on LinkedIn.

Why do I blog?
I had a love affair with blogging while at Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle). I spent a year or so as the most-read blogger covering Java EE, Solaris, and enterprise technology in general.  Then I became a product manager and for some strange reason I only got around to blogging once a year.  🙁  Here is an attempt to start fresh. My old blog, The Clingan Zone, is still available.


  • Grew up in Chicago metropolitan area.
  • Still Chicago Bears fan. Yeah, I know, but don’t rub it in please 🙂
  • Live in Southern California.
  • Love photography. Will post pics occasionally.
  • I have thick skin, so don’t beat around the bush. Tell me like you think it is, and then I’ll tell you how it really is 🙂