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Running WordPress in Docker Containers

I made the concerted decision to run my own WordPress instance. Why? After all, it’s highly likely that my blog will have less uptime, less performance, and even cost more than just hosting it on In fact, when I upgrade from 8GB RAM to 16GB RAM, that’t be at least 10 minutes of downtime.

Basically, it gets back to wanting to be a hands-on product manager, although this has nothing to directly do with Microservices. Yeah, I’ve run docker containers in the past using boot2docker (and now via docker toolbox). But it’s nothing like trying to keep a service up-and-running. I’m running WordPress in a container linked to a MySQL container with a mapped volume to the host OS. In the host operating system I have CrashPlan running for offsite backup. If worse comes to worse, I can always re-host on WordPress. Ya’ know, when I start getting 1K hits/minute. Lots of growth between now and then. Multiple orders of magnitude, in fact 🙂

Sorry, not much technical detail in this technical topic. Too busy watching the Chicago Bears beat the St. Louis Rams 🙂

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